Rise above,

Live on a higher ground

Ample sunlight, pure air, refreshing breeze, beautiful greenery, charming clouds & mist are what make Varaha Dream City living a dream come true. Perched 1,000 feet above sea level across 500 acres, this lifestyle heaven is located on a mountain table top and abundant in natural riches.

Varaha Artha
This third avatar of Lord Vishnu, that is in form of a boar is said to have rescued our planet Earth from the demon, Hiranyaksha. Similarly, Varaha Dream City is poised to save us from the evils of ill-thoughts, pollution, chemicals, etc.; and elevate us in to a universe that is pure, natural and divine.

Can we buy happiness? May be not. But we can achieve inner peace. Happiness is just a by-product of inner peace. Can inner peace be achieved if our every day stay becomes a vacation?

Varaha Dream City is India’s first Spiritual and Organic Staycation.

  • 3BHK bungalow on a 465 sq.mt plot
  • 15 acres of mindful recreation zone
  • 95 acres of lush green, landscaped garden featuring pathways, water bodies & sit-outs
  • 160 acres of Organic Farming
  • 25 acres of Spiritual Ashram & Ayurveda spa
  • 15 acres of Senior retirement living
  • 40 acres of themed destination resort



Corporate Profile

When the ideation is strong, the result is marvellous and beautiful. Varaha Dream City is not just an idea but a brainchild of two strong players of the construction industry- The Sarkar Group (Mumbai) and The Garva Group (Pune). With more than forty years of experience in the field of construction, the partnership has resulted into a synergy. Along with changing the landscape of country with cements and concrete, they have also changed many lives with their philanthropic initiatives.

The Sarkar Group

Sarkar Group has a classy style. Where most of the realtors are busy in creating an extra space in the city, Sarkar Group believes in breaking the cliché by developing spaces in places that are known for abundance, beauty and ethnicity. Sarkar Group holds a reputation in the construction circle and is known for classic finish and quality construction of residential flats, heritage structures, commercial offices and retail shops. Properties built by the Sarkar Group are always in huge demand. The site decision is made on the basis of central location and in view of the acute paucity of residential accommodation in Mumbai and its suburb. They identify and build property in places that are blessed with greenery and natural treasure. Varaha Dream City is a classy destination amidst the greens.

The Garva Group

Garva Group has decades of experience in developing and building property. Their vigilance has led them to understand the minds of people. Garva Group has identified and developed numerous projects in Konkan region. They have partnered with the Sarkar Group to make Varaha Dream City an alluring destination.


Our desire is to bring you closer to your soul by offering a destination that promises delight and that helps you chase the inner peace

Our dream is to be known as the centre for peace and enlightenment that provides a serene and pristine lifestyle at a destination that is away from the bustle of city life.



Message from the board of directors

Nasir Sarkar

“Nature is like a religion to me. I find inspiration in the alignment of nature –The rhythm of the Sun, the change of seasons, and the descending moon. Varaha Dream city is in proximity to nature. A meaningful life is an equal time spent with the family and the self.

Naimesh Mishra

“A classy lifestyle is a style that embraces the grandeur and also beholds to the roots. Walking trails, waterfalls, acres of organic farms, all is a beautiful arrangement. Living in Varaha Dream City is bliss. My abode is booked at Varaha.

Datta Shilimkar

“A healthy life and a peaceful mind, lets you achieve even the impossible. After all, good health is the ultimate treasure. The joy of cultivation is the ultimate joy in the world. Waking up with the rising sun, breathing in the fresh air, walking besides the farms and waterfall, cultivating your own food, cherishing moments with family and rejuvenating is what is called life. Varaha Dream city brings back the life!

Abhishek Erande

“There is a time in life, when we feel that we are so busy with managing things, that we have forgotten living. That is the moment of realization. We have captured those unlived moments of life and have set them free at Varaha Dream City. Not only does nature reside in here, but it also has world class amenities that rejuvenate your soul. “

Ananya Chatterjee

“Vacation is all about pampering your soul at an uncluttered destination, where nature is your companion and the most luxurious amenities are at your doorstep. Varaha dream city is not only a vacation but a staycation. Varaha Dream City lies on a table top 1000 feet above the sea level. Owing a home here is like living in heaven.

Vikrant Shilimkar

“Life is all about pace, chasing dreams , making the impossible possible, burning the midnight oil and partying hard, but it is also about taking a pause, enjoying the small pleasures, understanding self and planning ahead.Everything in Varaha Dream city ensures inner peace. Positive energy, a calm mind and a happy heart. Aren’t they the cornerstones of success?”




Varaha Dream City
Nisheil Shetty

We are privileged to be partner with Mumbai based architect Nisheil Shetty architects. His design firm has developed multipurpose healthcare, socio care, edu care and sport complexes. Mr. Nisheil K Shetty has mastered the art of designing and building world class residential projects, hotels and resorts. He is a proud recipient of honorary awards like the IAD award and the IIID-A and JIIA awards.

Varaha Resort
WATG, London

Varaha dream city houses a world class luxurious resort, designed and built by renowned Wimberly, Allison, Tong & Goo, also known as WATG. It is an award winning architectural firm with offices and projects worldwide. They have created architectural wonders in 160 countries across six continents.

Research agency
Knight Frank

Knight Frank, A UK based global partner has been associated with Varaha Dream City in the capacity of strategic real estate advisor. They commissioned a study to Knight Frank for evaluating and exploiting potential of real estate development at Roha and arrive at the optimum development mix which will fetch maximum returns and greater satisfaction to the investors

Vaastu Consultant
Mr. Shiv Taparia

Mr. Shiv Taparia is our Vastu consultant. He has been honoured with several international and national awards. With a notable experience of more than 35 years in the field of Vastu consultation, Mr. Taparia has a huge list of renowned clientele like the Bombay stock Exchange, DBI Industries, MM industries, Mittal Group, kangaroo Kids, Blossom International and like.He also has several clients in US and London.

Senior living community by Signature group

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